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Prices at Vincenzo's Newhall are Lower Than ALL Our Competitors!

So pizzas come in a lot of different sizes, how can you possibly compare prices? Especially when one restaurant's "large" is the size of another restaurant's small pizza?

For example, a large pizza at Domino's is 14", while a SMALL pizza at Vincenzo's Newhall is 14". That makes it extremely difficult to see which restaurant offers the best value.

But, there is a simple way. We can determine the value of any given pizza by it's price per-square-inch.

Here are the costs per-square-inch of all our competitor's "large" pizzas:

Vincenzo’s Newhall 20” large cheese pizza: $.08 per square inch

Domino's 14” large: $.10 per square inch

Guido's 15” large: $.09 per square inch

Topper's 14” large: $.16 per square inch

Ameci 14” large: $.12 per square inch

Spumoni 16” large: $.09 per square inch

Pizza Hut 14” large: $.11 per square inch

Papa John’s 14” large: $.13 per square inch

Round Table 14” lg: $.16 per square inch

So, you can clearly see that not only do we make an amazing pizza, it is actually less expensive than every single one of our competitors. But wait, it gets better!

Not only is a Vincenzo's large pepperoni pizza a very affordable way to feed your group, it's actually 1/2 the cost, pound for pound, than if you ate at any fast food restaurant in our neighborhood.

A large, 20" pepperoni Pizza at Vincenzo's weighs more than 5lbs and costs $29.95! Here's how much 5lbs of food would cost you if you ate at:

  • Burger King is 10 Whoppers, cost $72

  • Taco Bell is 9 Burrito Supremes, cost is $59

  • Wendy's is 7 double burgers with cheese, cost is $58

  • Carl’s Jr is 6 Famous Stars with cheese, cost is $65

  • Jack in the Box is 10 Jumbo Jacks, cost is $66

  • McDonald’s is 10 Big Macs, cost is $63

  • Subway is 9 Turkey sandwiches, cost is $69

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24504 1/2 Lyons Ave

Newhall, CA, 91321

(661) 259-6733



Sunday – Thursday  11:00AM – 9:00PM

Friday & Saturday    11:00AM – 11:00PM

World Famous Pizza

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Lower Prices Than All Our Competitors!

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